My Dog Has A Dust Mite Allergy, How Can I Help Him?


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There are several things which you can do to help your dog if they do have a dust mite allergy and the main one is to keep your home as clean as possible. By keeping the house clean, you are minimising the dust and therefore there will be less dust mites. This in itself should help quite a lot and by avoiding using things such as washing his bedding in biological washing powder, his condition should easily be kept under control. It is also possible for you to get him put on steroids from the vet. Many people do not like this option however as they worry about long term side effects.

Supplements can also sometimes help and essential fatty acids are good ones to try, though you should always discuss it with a vet beforehand. Also, evening primrose oil is also recommended. So, by keeping the home clean and by having the dog checked out by your local vet, you should easily be able to control those allergies.
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My dog has a seriouse skin allergy. We have to visit a Dermatologist cuz the Vet couldn't help us, she gave him numerouse medications but none of them worked. Do you have a solution to this? 

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