Is A Chihuahua A Hypo-allergenic Dog? My Wife And I Have Allergy But We Love Dogs.


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I own a chihuahua I don't know if it is a hypo-allergentic dog but she is very easy to take care of and is a very clean dog I have asthma and it is not affected by her have had three of these dogs now not only clean and affectionate I have found them to be really great pets  
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Allergies from dogs is not from how much they shed their hair, but how much they shed their skin and from their saliva and urine. There is no such thing as a hypo allergenic breed, but there are many breeds that are often ok for people with allergies as the allergens they produce are so few. Chihuahua although they shed heavy actually produce little dander. They are still not at the top of the list though. Your best breeds (and this is not all inclusive I will miss MANY breeds) are: Poodle, bichon, havanese, kerry blue terrier, mini and standard schnauzer, portugese water dog, irish water spaniel, goldendoodle, labradoodle, airdale terrier, bouvier, cockapoo,Westies, and Yorkies
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Shorter haired chihuahuas shed rarely so would be better for people with allergies.

The only dog I can think of that is a hypo allergenic dog is the labradoodle, these are now used for blind people that are allergic to dogs as they do not shed fur at all.

But no chihuahuas arent hypo allergenic
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I also have two chihuahuas and no they are not hypo allergenic sorry! Best bet is to look up hypo allergenic dogs on google I guarantee you will find your answer there!
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Chi Chi's do not shed that much. They are very light shedders. When you are holding them, only a tiny but of hair will be left on your clothes. Believe me, they are a good way to go.
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I seen on the news where obahma promised his daughters a dog and that he had to find a hypo allergenic dog....the reporters said there wasn't any breed of dog that is hypo allergenic
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I have the same issue. There are a lot of dogs that are no-shed and therefore less likely to cause allergies. Terriers and poodles are typically included on the list. A chorky -- chihuahua/yorkie mix might be a good bet. Also, since chihuahuas are short-haired and have no under coat, you may be able to groom them to keep their dander down. Allerpet is a great shampoo that keeps dogs' coats silky and their dander to a minimum.

BTW, there IS a totally hypo-allergenic dog out there. It was genetically designed by the same people who developed the world's only hypo-allergenic cat. Check out their website, but be forewarned, all of their pets are very expensive (thousands of dollars). Most likely you can get a dog that isn't allergenic to you without having to go with this option.

Best of luck to you, and happy puppy shopping ;-)
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No. They are shedding breed that has fur. There isn't any one breed that every person with allergies will not react to at all but usually someone with allergies would look into the breeds that are considered non-shedding and have hair. There is a list of some breeds someone with allergies might look into in the first link, the second is the US breed parent club for the Chihuahua if you wanted to learn more about the breed. 
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I have really bad allergies to all dogs and cats (their saliva) and I've found that every pet that I've had in my life time, my body has actually addapted to it ! Also, if your mother has always been a neat freak when you were little that dosent help because your body dosent get use to dust etc. Just buy the dog, and I'm pretty sure your body will dadapt. We'll that's just my opionion cause thats whats been happening to me my whole life when I've gotten a new pet :)
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No in mater of fact the chihuahua will take the allergy away from the also take cold and other sickness but in you case I would try to get a older chihuahua like 9 mouth are older because when it take the allergy I can also make him are sick at frist and yonger pup somtime pass away so I would be good you to try and fine a older chihuahua

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