My Cockatiel Has Mites, How Can I Get Rid Of Them?


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Usually the Cockatiel does not have mites but can get from outside birds. If your Cockatiel have mites then use mites spray that is designed for the birds only. To avoid these mites in future, use mites repellent spray on the cage.
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Go to your local pet store and purchase mite spray, or ointment, I believe they have both.  Good-Luck.
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Is you dog having mites in ear or body? Ear mites are transmitted from the affected dogs. This mites infestation can cause head shaking, ear scratching and ear bleeding. Insecticides are used to treat ear mites in dogs.

Red mange and scabies also caused by mites. Red mange mites are present in almost every dog in small number without any problem. These mites can cause infestation when increase in number. Stress, weak immunity and inherited characters can trigger their abnormal growth. Scabies are contagious and are transferred from infected dogs. For both types of mange, insecticides are used.

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