My Dog Has Fleas, And Has Been Biting His Back A Lot. Now He Has Small Scabs Under His Fur, Is There Any Way I Can Help Those Heal, Other Than Making Him Stop Biting?


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Well, melissa3 is partially right, but the dawn dish washing liquid will anly kill the fleas on the dog at the time of bathing. You need to get some topical flea medication to put on him to kill the fleas that bite him later. Something like Advantage, Frontline, or even one of the shelf at Wal-Mart. And you need to treat your yard. For your yard there are a variety of things that you can use. My favorite is a mixture of powdered lime and seven dust mixed 50/50 and sprinkle it in your yard. It will not hurt your dog as long as it is lightly sprinkled. There are many different things out there for your yard, but a lot of them say not to let your pets around it til it dries or for 7-8 hours. If you are like me, I can't afford to have 4-6 dogs in my house for that long of a time. For the sores I would suggest using Gentin Violet, as I have found that it works wonders on healing sores faster and it will keep the flies from wanting to lay eggs there. If you keep your dog inside then you would need to treat your home also. You will have to keep your pet out of the house until it dries and after you spray you will need to leave the house for about an hour. You can find a liquid spray for insects and fleas. you will then see a dramatic drop in the number of fleas around your home and yard.
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Clarissa Aebersold
No offesence but the walmrt brands don't even work! Even its is a small dog with very little fleas they come back in days!
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Well have you went to the vet to see if he is allergic to the fleas? If so he may need steroids like they thought my dog needed. But I would first try Front line it works great he barely itches. But it dose cost like 40.00 dollars for a pack of 3 or 15.00 to 20.00 for 1 dose. The spot try Neosporin not alone in case of reaction. But my dog had some on him but I use neosporin and it is healing up and hair is finally growing back. It has been I'd say 2 weeks now I can almost barely see it. Well hope I helped. Been throw the same stuff!! :)
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neosporin works great...the best remedy for fleas is Dawn washing works wonderfully.
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I just noticed my dog has fleas after coming home from the groomers.   Could he have gotten them from the groomers?   Is there anything I can use over the counter to kill them.  I was surprised to see fleas on him since he gets his front-line every month.
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Yes tabbie you need to get  vet treatment  to ..Adding garlic to your dogs diet  every day helps to or you can blend garlic with water in blender  and  pour into a spray bottle and spray your dog every day with it apparently its helps  to  stop itch but why your dog has fleas he is not going to stop itchin even if he only has eggs  dogs are likely to be alergic to fleas  even  flea dirt  causes irratating.. Try a blend of apple cider vineagar and  aloevera  juice mixed together and apply to the  effected areas.. This could help but you must get rid of the fleas
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give your dog benidril your dog is alligic to fleas that happened to my dog benidril works, trust me just slip the pill into some food and give it to your dog

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