How Can I Get Rid Of Harvest Mites On My Dog?


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Harvest mites can be a very irritable problem for dogs and they do tend to get the problem mainly in summer. However, it is usually quite easy to treat the pests by using ordinary dog shampoos with essential oils in them. Give them a really good wash and that will usually kill all of the harvest mites that are present within the dog's coat.

You may want to also wash any clothes that you were wearing when the mites started to cause a problem. Going through fields etc and harvest fields is likely to result in a harvest mite problem, so whenever you do go into one, always wash everything straight afterwards. That way after you have washed your dog, they are less likely to get bitten again because you will have gotten rid of all of the mites. Remember that harvest mites also like to bite people so try and avoid going through harvest fields whenever possible.

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