My Dog Is Urinating Pure Blood , Very Subdued Not Eating Or Drinking. Took Him To A Vet . She Thinks He Ate A Rat With Rat Poison, What To Do?


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Is your dog male or female? Condition of blood in the urine of a dog is called canine hematuria. This can be due to many reasons like urinary tract infection which includes infection of bladder, kidneys etc, vaginitis, stones in urinary tract, infection of uterus, trauma, parasites in urinary tract, and cancer in genital and urinary tract.

Rodenticide poisoning usually does not cause blood in urine. Few poisons can damage kidneys that can leads to blood in urine. If so, note other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, frequent urination, lethargy, coma, difficulty in walking, incoordination, coughing and breathing problems.

Your vet may order for urine and blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, x-ray with or without contrast, etc. So, discuss these investigations with your vet.

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