My Puppy Keeps Throwing Up Clear Stuff, What Can I Give Her?


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Occasional foamy vomiting in dogs is nit a matter of great concern. Persistent clear white foamy vomiting in dogs can be due to foods and eating habits like rapid eating, over eating, nervousness, stress, dry foods and all other foods which can cause irritation in GI tract.

Other possibility is canine bloat that is dangerous condition in which stomach become filled with gas after eating. This condition can put pressure on other organs and  stomach can be twisted. This condition can lead to death if not treated on time. Symptoms of canine bloat are restlessness, salivation and unproductive vomiting. Bloat can be diagnosed with the help of blood test.
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It's really hard to say what could be making her do this you really gave such a general description. It could be that she has parvo, or worms, and even something more serious. I highly recommend that you get her to the vet as soon as you can. Hope this helps. Good luck to  you.
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Gatorade its parvo  and get it to the vet right away
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We changed my puppy's food and now she keeps on throwing it up. I think its cause we changed it. But she never did that with her other food?
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It sounds like worms check when she goes #2 if so then you can ge dewormer a pet store or a walmart .if not then get her to the vet.Is her stomache all blown out? That is another sign of worms

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