My Dog Started Drooling Excessively. She Is A Little Quieter Than Usual. Should Any Symptoms Other Be Looking For? I Am Concerned About Bloat.


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Excessive drooling can be normal for some dog breed. Some specific conditions can cause excessive drooling which are also normal. These conditions are stimuli like food, excitement, and heat etc. A sudden excessive salivation in dogs is not good sign which can be due to some serious illness and needs immediate visit to pet.
Excessive drooling in dogs can be due to gum & dental
diseases, tongue injury, stomach disorders, mouth ulcers, tumors in mouth, and due to some metabolic disorders.

Watch for other symptoms like lip or mouth swellings, problems with eating and drinking, foul odor from mouth, breathing problems, vomiting, lethargy and weakness then take your pet to the vet.

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