My Small Dogs Stomach Is Hard,what Is Wrong?


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There could be quite a few reasons why your dog's stomach is hard, some are minor and others could be life threatening, so if you are at all worried I would take him to the vet or an animal expert straight away to seek professional advice, as the advice on here is not professional so should only be taken as advisory rather than an accurate representation of what your dog has.

  • Worms
One reason why your dog's stomach is hard could be that he has worms. This is a common problem amongst dogs and cats alike and is quite easy to cure.  Worms can cause the dog to become quite ill but also can cause harm to humans as well so the sooner it is caught the better. Worms can be cured by administering a good de-wormer to the dog and the administering this at least every 3 months to stop a recurrence of worms.

  • Bloat
Along with this and other conditions the dog could have a serious condition called bloat. If you even suspect he may have it then it is recommended to see your vet immediately because if left untreated bloat can be fatal. Symptoms of bloat are as follows:

  • attempting to vomit
  • not acting his or her usual self
  • anxiety and restlessness
  • pale of off color gums
  • coughing
  • lack of normal gurgling sounds in stomach when you put your ear up to it
  • bloated abdomen which may feel tight
If your dog is showing these symptoms or anything else you consider not normal then take him or her to see the vet immediately as it is better to rule out the serious conditions.  So, if you are at all worried see professional advice straight away.
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My dogs stomach got big and sort of hard and he is shivering
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Yea my dogs stomach is hard but it has been like that for a very long time so I'm not sure about all of the answers that I've seen
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It sounds like your dog has constipation
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My schnauzer stomach is rock hard, he has been to the vet and they said that he did not have Pancratic problems. They said maybe he has a stomach virus blood work good. He eats, sleeps and I have two acres have not seen him poop. But plays eats and drinks.
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I'm not sure what is wrong with my dog, she is a Norfolk terrier and she is acting like she's always been, and everything about her is normal. I am concerned about her stomach though. It is hard but sometimes it softens. I'm not sure what this is and I'm low on money so I cannot take her to a vet. She eats and plays and poops and everything, but the only thing that isn't normal is her stomach

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It usually means there stomach has turned on them. And will need to see a vet right away

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