Why Does My Dog Shake?


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The most common reason for a dog to be shaking is that it is either cold or wet. When dogs get wet they shake to get rid of the moisture from their coat. In the case of small breed dogs they often shake or tremble for no discernible reason. It is important to seek the aid of a veterinarian if a dog is shaking for a prolonged period of time. They should check the dog's eyes, heart and respiratory rate. Other check-ups will be carried out and with these the vet should be able to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the shaking.

In the case of a more serious diagnosis, there are several conditions that could fit the symptoms. Some of these could be fever, Addison's disease, outer ear infection, ear mites, food allergies and loss of balance.

Addison's disease, which is also known as hypoadrenocorticism, affects the adrenal gland. This is a disorder where the gland cannot make enough of aldosterone, which is a steroid hormone. An outer ear infection in a dog becomes apparent when a dog shakes its head frequently and scratches at one or both of its ears. An outer ear infection will present itself as red and inflamed in the outer ear, possibly coupled with a brown discharge. This type of infection could be either bacterial or yeast related. Food allergies, mentioned earlier, could also lead to itchy ears. One other diagnosis for a shaking dog could simply be that the dog is scared.
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Usually it's from tension.  Excess energy, whether it be from being afraid, anxious, or nervous, is the cause of shaking.  Once your dog is comfortable in it's surrounding, it probably stops shaking.
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If your dog shakes after swimming or exposure to cold conditions then it is normal, otherwise, shaking in dogs is usually due to pain that can be due to any reason and any where in the body. Other possibility of shaking in dogs is skin parasites. Nervousness can also cause shaking in dogs. Uncontrollable shaking in dogs can also be due to vestibular disease, neurological problems and low blood sugar levels. So, what actually causing shaking in your dog can be diagnosed by the vet. Take your dog to vet for this purpose.
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Maybe cause hes scared or nervous? Hope this helps[:

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