My Dog Killed A Skunk And We Dont Know If That Skunk Had Rabies Or Can I Tell If My Dog Is Infected Or Not?


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Rabies also Knows as Hydrophobia is a Viral Disease that causes acute inflammation of the Brain in mammals. If untreated death is certain.  NOW The Beginning stages of rabies usually have symptoms. These are malaise,headache, and fever. Later stages are acute pain,violent movements and temper,uncontrolled excitements, depression and the inability to swallow water(that's where you get the name hydrophobia). Now in the final stages the animal or patient will have period of mania and lethargy,and then coma. Death usually occurs. Generally because of the respiratory insufficiency.
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I found my dog chewing on a skunk leg 2 nights ago and when I tried to grab it from his mouth he swallowed it. I too have been asking the same question you have, Can a dog contract rabies from biting the skunk? We didn't find the rest of the skunk. No one seems to know the answer. The vet checked him for bite wounds but there were none. My thought is that he found the limb in our yard but I have no idea how long it was there or how it got there. My dog is only 4 months old and I wasn't going to get his rabies shot for another month. I did get it immediately after I found him chewing the leg. If you have found more information on this and can let me know I'd greatly appreciate it.

Good luck with your pup!!
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Have you seen the movie Cujo?  Look for signs of aggression, gets irritated easily, loud noises will set him off, excessive drooling more like foaming at the mouth. Should take him in for blood work.

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