I Have A Female Hamster That Likes To Bite And Fight With The Male. What Does That Mean?


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She doesn't want to mate, she hasn't been properly introduced to the male. Presumably you aren't trying to keep them together full time, they are doomed to fight in that case, hamsters are solitary animals.

Successful breeding tips:

She should be able to smell him for about a week before she meets him. Let him walk around the outside of her cage, put her in his empty cage for a few hours, Let him into her empty cage for a few hours, etc. Females come into season about every 4 days. She'll be ready for breeding when she flattens her back and presents her bottom when being stroked.

At that point, let her into his cage. If they disagree, bite or fight at all, then take her out and try again the next night.

Sometimes she accepts him more readily if he goes into her cage.

Only leave them together for a few days, assuming they don't start fighting before that.

Gestation is only 16 days, usually. Be very kind and gentle when handling the mother between mating and the birth. Make sure you clean the cage well about 14 days after breeding because you need to not clean it again until the babies are at least 2 weeks old. Do not disturb the mother in any way until the babies are at least 10 days old.
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The same things happen to my hamsters. She is just scared to mate or maybe is not ready. Don't listen to everyone else. Put them in the same cage. Fighting is a part of their nature. They will NOT kill each other. They will just push/chase/run. If one gets badly injured, example:bloody nose,limping. THEN SEPARATE THEM.
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They most likely aren't from the same litter so they are territorial and by instinct will fight. Seperate them immediately. If you need or really want them to live together seperate them with a wire so they can't fight but they can smell and see each other. Finally when they seem ok with each other take out the wire but watch them carefully at first. If they start fighting again they may not be able to be together or put the wire back in.
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She doesn't want to mate and it sometimes isn't because they have not been properly introduced it's just because females are quite aggressive yet it could also be because of they haven't been introduced properly.

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