How Long Does It Take For A Dwarf Hamster To Deliver Her Babies?


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Can someone PLEASE help me I have 2 hamsters that I bought for my daughter was told they were both boys, however this morning, we had a water leak in there water bottle and they were both very wet, only 1 can be handled and is friendly so that is the one my daughter picked up and tried to dry off with a cloth, however, we noticed there was blood on her so I quickly called the Pet co and asked they said she was probably dieing.  After drying the tears I quickly brought the hamster and my daughter up to Pet co to find out that she was a female and was having babies or has already had them  But I don't know ????  Did she have them already and ate them or is she still in labor and they are to come soon, she is just sitting lethargic in her little igloo, can someone tell me is she going to give birth or did she already and is exhausted from it ?
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I can't imagine that it would take 16 days to DELIVER all the babies. That's ridiculous. Especially since they are only pregnant for a few short weeks. (6 weeks?)

With our hamster. We didn't even know she was pregnant. We thought she was getting fat. One night we noticed how fat she was getting and when we were holding her we noticed some blood. So we cleaned her cage and removed the male (that we were told was a female) and by the next morning she had delivered all 7 babies. (less than 12 hours)

If she is still acting weird a couple of days after I would say that she ate the babies. I was told that you shouldn't handle her while she is in the process of giving birth. SHe could get stressed and think there is danger and eat them.

How wet was she with the water bottle leaking? Did you think that it had something to do with it.
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It takes 16 days for all hamsters to deliver their babies.
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When the male hamster has sat on the female then how long does it take for the mother to give birth

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