I Was Recently Given A 1 Month Old German Shepherd And Am Having Trouble Getting Him To Use The Puppy Pads. He Seems To Like Using The Floor Better. Are There Any Other Potty Training Techniques I Could Use To Make Him Use Either The Pads Or The?


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here is an age appropriate schedule for taking out - a dogs age in months +1 = how long they can hold it ...example 1 month old + 1 = 2 hours so pup needs out every 2 hours ...this means getting up through out the night to take pup outside.
Also dogs should not be removed from their mother and littermates before 8 weeks of age unless its a dangerous situation for them.

Also there are attractants you can buy at pet store to sprinkle on pee pads to attract to pee on it...just put a few drops on pee pad - or better wipe any accident she/he has with pad and then leave it for her so she learns where to go potty.many pups don't always go on pads they would rather play with the pad and chew it up ...at her age its normal...

At night for now I would keep pup in bathroom or a crate with pee pads if you can't get up at night and when your are unable to take him/her out.you may need to cover whole floor with the pads or newspapers til she is older .....

but to get you started :

Here are a few suggestions..

1) BE CONSISTENT with what you do - that means everyone in your household.

2) put her on a feeding and water schedule - no food or water after say 7 pm so she has time to empty her bladder and to have a bowel movement after eating dinner - DO NOT FREE FEED HER!!! Meaning do not leave food out all the time !! You won't know when she needs to go ...feed her 2 times a day - breakfast and dinner.(THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO A PUP SO YOUNG but may help as it gets older!!)a pup this young should eat at least 3 or 4 times a day! Check with vet as to how much to feed pup.Use a good quality puppy feed made for large breeds - large breed dogs need a different diet than smaller breeds -to much protien will cause issues and make grow to fast - so be sure to use a large breed puppy food.

3) take her out within 30 minutes of eating and drinking and also within 20 to 30 minutes of playing - remember to be patient !!  And right after waking up.You may have to stay outside and "out wait her" she will go eventually !!! If you have a yard and your putting her alone that won't help ...you need to go with her so you can praise her AS SHE GOES POTTY outside!! And have a treat ready to give as soon as she is done (a lil piece of cheese or meat that she ONLY gets for pottying outside)!!!! Make a big deal over her doing it outside - have a party for her lol...so she associates great things with going outside.

4) while in the house if possible keep her either on a leash with you or in a crate if she won't be supervised...otherwise she can 'sneak off" and potty when your not looking.Crate training is a HUGE help with potty training a pup or even an adult dog .if you don't have a crate maybe you can keep her in a bathroom or use a dog playpen in your kitchen - just make it so she cannot be unsupervised and have any accidents ..IF YOU SEE HER START TO GO POTTY IN HOUSE - clap your hands to startle her (this will hopefully stop her mid stream and grab her up (nicely) and go outside fast !! Reward her for finishing outside...

5) remember if she has an accident it is NOT her fault its yours for not watching her and catching her before going...accidents may happen but do NOT punish her or you may only teach her not to go in front of you .she doesn't know any better so its up to you to watch her body language (we all know what the "pee pee walk " looks like lol....(sniffing around etc)and the feeding and water schedule will help you with knowing when she may need to go....

6)use an enzymatic cleaner to clean any areas she has pee'd or poo'd on .Regular cleaners will not get rid of the smell .You may think its clean but she can still smell where she goes potty so be sure to clean thoroughly with the enzyme cleaner (get at local pet shop or feed store)

7) teach her to ring a bell that hangs from the door when she needs out by hang it with string from doorknob and dabbing a lil peanut butter on it (just a very little amount to get her interest) and when she nudges it with her nose to get the peanut butter it will ring and immediately take her out (everytime she rings it no matter what ) and say ok lets go potty!!! Treat her only if she does some pottying outside....you may end up going out a lot while she learns.

8) have PATIENCE !!


10 ) be even more patient and consistent !!!!

She will get it eventually !!
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One month is very early to expect much from potty training. At this age, I would spend lots of time with your puppy, holding and cuddling him. At night, and when you aren't with him, keep him in a crate or small room that will be easy to clean up when you return. At this age, you can't just let him roam the entire house. Plus at one month he still needs a 'mom' figure, so try to make time to play. Establish a 'bathroom zone' for him with a peepad or newspaper. Take him to this spot often, telling him 'be quick' or 'go potty'. Reward with lots of praise and a tidbit of food when you get results. As he gets older, move the 'bathroom zone' closer to the door leading to his yard. When the 'bathroom zone' is all the way outside, establish an area of the yard you want him to 'use' and tell him 'be quick' or 'go potty' when you take him out. Use a leash outside while potty training to go out at first, then after he gets the idea the leash can be removed if you are in a fenced yard. Never hit, only scold if you catch him 'in the act'. Patience, love and consistency are necessary. I also would recommend feeding 'on schedule' instead of leaving food in his bowl all the time. When he gets older, frequent walks 'on leash' will help.
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You could start training your puppy by encouraging him to have a drink and then take him to the puppy pad or outside in the garden. Stay with him and repeat what ever word you use for peeing, then praise him if he starts sniffing. Wait outside or in that same area until your pup urinates. You maybe stood there for quite a while but its whats needed to help your pup. When he does, praise him continuously  and give him a treat if needed. Repeat this every 10 minutes after eating or drinking to get your puppy use to going to that area. Bare in mind that if your going outside, to sit your puppy at the door, then take them out side. By doing this it shows your puppy that if he needs a wee, to go and stand at the door. Eventually your puppy will act  like mine and stand at the door waiting for you to let him out.
Just to let you know puppies as young as 1 month old aren't ready to start training yet. Maybe wait until its a few weeks older. Plus puppies should not leave their mother until they are at least 7 - 8 weeks old. But I understand if there is a serious reason for this.

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