What's A Good Name For A White German Shepherd Male Puppy?


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I have one named Mako after the great white shark.

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He sounds like one of my friend's dogs and they named that one Duke. I was all for the name Shadow though, but they said it sounded too wise for a dog that chased its tail all day so I would go with Duke. Here are some more name's if interested.
1. sammy
2. Frisky
3. Luke (Leukocyte-white blood cell)-that one's from my Aunt
4. Max or Maxwell.
Good luck on the name.
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Sobaka. "So-BAH-kah".
It's Russian for 'dog'. His name would just be 'dog', but it sounds cool.
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An old friend of mine had a white shepherd for a police dog and his name was Baron. I've also heard Stonewall.
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I named my white shephard "dakota"....her akc name is "dakota rose".....I love this dog to death....she is so intellegent.....
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I just got a white German shepherd and I am torn between three names

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I love indian names. My german shepard dog was named Shawnee, & my collie's name was Sundance, Sunny for nickname. I also like the name Bear & Odie or Ottis.

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