My 5 Week Old Puppy Just Lays Down With Her Tail Tucked And Is Really Shaky What's Wrong With Her?


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Your puppy should also be spending time sleeping.. A normal happy healthy puppy at this age should get up and go-go-go like little nutter playing, then suddenly get sleepy.. They seem to be stop and go with nothing in between..
The tail tucked does not sound right at this age at all. The Shaking.. Nope.. This little one is not doing well.
You need to take this little one to a vet. Your vet can look for things like sickness and give you good solid advice on foods to feed her/him and what signs to look for to know when you are caring for him/her right.
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She used to be really active an always running around but today she just aint her self! She doesnt even want to drink milk from her mom! What could be wrong with her?

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