My two week old pups have loose stools is this normal or should i be worried?


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Forest Lone answered
Normal. Stomach and intestines are adjusting. It should clear up.
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Meta Forrest answered
No need for real worry, but he maybe allergic to his mothers milk , so best to consult a vet . 
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Give them some more time to clear this up unless they appear to be sick which is kinda hard to tell with puppies sometimes
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KR- myopinions answered
They are on a liquid diet. I wouldn't worry too much unless you are seeing other signs of a problem or they may become dehydrated or something like that. They eat and sleep and there isn't a lot of crying or fussing other than scheduled meal times? They are being kept warm enough? They can't regulate their body temperature yet and that can effect digestion. You are keeping an eye on their nursing and keeping her clean and dry and monitoring for mastitis? If she gets an infection it can make them ill as well if they are drinking infected milk.
If you want to ease your mind you can always give your vet a call and ask what they think after or when you drop in to pick up their first round of dewormer (not OTC) if you are doing that soon. Hope everyone is good. Good Luck.

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