If My Female Cat, Who Was In "Heat" Got Outside And A Male Cat Was Pregnant, Does It Automatically Mean My Female Cat Will Get Pregnant?


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If your in heat female cat got out and bred with a male cat it is likely that she is pregnant.  If this just happened I would have your cat spayed immediately by a veterinarian.  There is a major problem with feline overpopulation--the shelters are over-full with cats.  Every time your cat goes into heat she will try to get outside and the male cats will try to get into your house to breed her.  The most responsible thing to do is have her spayed.  Many shelters have low cost spay/neuter clinics.
Contact your veterinarian to determine if this cat is pregnant.  Gestation (pregnancy) lasts on average 63-67 days.  Fetal vesicles can be palpated as early as day 21-35 following conception.  Ultrasound is the earliest and most reliable way to diagnose pregnancy.  The fetal skeletons calcify as early as day 38 but more reliably a few days later.  At this point they can be seen on x-rays.
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Kind of a mixed up question but think I know what you mean.  Totally agree with Dr. Ann.  Get you female spayed and keep her in the house.  My town shelter just put down about 3 dozen cats and kittens and has now decided that they won't even come pick up cats anymore.  To many of them and they cost to much to handle.
Be responsible with and for your pets!
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You have a problem with this question and need to rethink who was pregnant as male cats do not get pregnant. If you're asking if the male cat had sex with your female when she was in heat then yes it's highly probable your female cat is pregnant.

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