How Do I Potty Train A 3 Month Old Siberian Husky?


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The most important thing when potty training a Siberian Husky puppy is to get into a good routine. You will also need to be aware of the times that the puppy is most likely going to need to go to the toilet. These are:

  • Almost always after they wake up, even if they have only been asleep for a short time.
  • After they have eaten.
  • If they get excited or have been playing.
  • Usually every couple of hours.

So you will either need to take your puppy outside after these activities or to a puppy training pad or similar. While your puppy is going to the toilet, make sure to repeat cue words, such as 'be clean', so you dog will know this in future.

Also every time your puppy goes to the toilet in the desired area, make sure you reward him with lots of positive encouragement, and maybe even the occasional treat.

Usually it doesn't take too long to train a dog, especially if they are young like yours, so you should have him trained in no time. I hope this helps and you don't have many more puddles on the floor!

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