How Do You Potty-train A Golden Retriever That Is Twelve Weeks Old?


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Do not withhold water--this is not an acceptable means to aid house breaking.  It will dehydrate your dog and puppies are more sensitive to dehydration.
Crate/kennel training is very useful to help with house training.  Puppies can hold their urine physically about 1 plus their age in months---your dog should have the bladder control to last 4 hours.  The puppy should be in the crate at night and when you are not home.  When you wake and after coming home take the puppy outside--do not play with it or pay attention to it until she urinates and defecates.  Whenever she urinates and defecates appropriate give lots of verbal praise and treats.
Take her out every 2-3 hours and wait until she urinates or defecates.  Do not play with her or she will become distracted and urinate in the house when you come in.
If she is sneaking away and having accidents then she needs to be with you at all times.  This may mean having her attached to you by a leash during house training.
You may also want to consider having her examined by a veterinarian.  Urinary tract infections and puppy vaginitis can be medical reasons you are having trouble with house training.
Keep at it--house training takes work!

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Thumbs up to the suggestions given here, however, greeting you pup is part of your bonding &should not be omitted just b/c he/she has not gone "potty" yet. You ALWAYS want to reinforce every time you meet again with a loving greeting! When you take your pup outside to do his business then you DIFFERENTIALLY REINFORCE that behavior (pooping/peeing outside) with more exhagerated in excitement praise. Praise may be initially paired with a treat,&/or other preferred toys/activities.
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Don't get upset, she will get it! It takes a lot of consistency. First you have to take her out to the same spot about every hour or two. The trick is to constantly reward her with cookies, so take out treats with you all the time. Praise her as soon as she goes. Also, don;t give her a lot of water in the evening. She can go without it until the morning. I had three goldens, and labs, and now a new chihuahua which I potty trained in two weeks. The key like I said is to be consistent which is very hard, but it sure pays off. I guarantee you in two or three weeks she will be potty trained. If she urinates in the house get something that cleans up any trace of urine. They have great stuff in pet stores for that. Be patient and trust me she will learn she is still a baby.
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Show her what she did wrong and tell her no do not hit her just put her head to wear she can see it and keep saying no and then put her in time out to where she has no toys and little room and also don't pet her when she goes to the bathroom on the floor and make her watch you clean it so that she knows what she did wrong and doesn't do it again say no bad that goes outside.
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Believe it or not you can train them just like a house cat...we set up a sand box with wooden rail around it(outside) and taught the pup/dog to go only in that area.all you have to do is to make sure when training the dog is  to make them only go in that area.treats do not work on all dogs and they should not be rewarded for doing what comes  kids you have to be consistent with them or they will try to get away with doing it anywhere even your shoes :)...just make sure after they are fed to make sure to take them to the area set up for them to go in....of course you will have to learn how long it takes from the time they eat to the time it takes for them to go otherwise they will go anywhere in the house...yuck! : ).....of course puppy parents love to pick up after their
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I am losing it I have a 9 retriever week old and she pees everywhere and poops I got her to poop out side twice but she just poops anywhere
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Ok well br nice to her she is young so just show her what she did and have someone hold and let her watch you clean it up then take her outside everytime and catch her in the act

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