How Much Do You Feed A 2 Month Old Husky?


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There are two main schools of thought for feeding puppies. The first is that puppies need to be fed at specific times. And the second is that the food should be left down all day... There are pros and cons with both, you just need to decide which is right for you and your dog. 

If free feeding.. It's self explanatory...  If feeding set meals, the puppy need to be offered food three times a day until it self weans to two meals a day, usually at about 12 to 16 weeks of age. When the puppy begins to regularly just nibble at the afternoon meal, you can stop being offering this meal . 

There is no set amount to feed your puppy... It depends on many changing factors that are impossible to anticipate and calculate.  If you feed a set amount of food.. Your pup will not be getting what he needs when he needs it.   When feeding, a dish of more than enough food is set out and left for 10-15 min.. After 15 minutes the food is taken up whether the puppy has eaten or not. If the puppy did not eat, then the meal is than offered at a later time.

Generally Husky puppies will slowly increased from about one cup a day to 3-4 cups at around 6 months, and then back down to around one cup by about 12 months.
Feed puppy food until the dog reaches 9 months of age.. At that time, the bulk of it's growth has been done and you can switch your pup over to an adult food.

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