Can Benadryl Be Given To 3-1/2 Month Old Siberian Husky Having Mange, At What Dosage?


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Benadryl is an antihistamine.  It will have no effect on "mange" persay, if that is why you are using it.  

There are two kinds of "mange" caused by two kinds of mite.  You would need medicine from a vet to effectively treat either.  The symptoms of mange - hairloss, itchiness, scabs, discolouration - may have other causes.  These can include fleas, other parasites, bacteria, fungus, or allergies.  You really need to seek veterinary attention to diagnose what the problem is before you start treatment.

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No you cannot use Benadryl on a dog/puppy. You should seek Vet care for any health problems. For mange, try- "happy Jacks" Dog Shampoo. If you have a co-op (place where farm feed and other supplies are bought) You can usually find this there. Its a dip and spray. Use it accordingly to the size of your dog and the instructions.

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