Does Brushing A Huskies Fur Help Prevent The Husky To Shed Alot?


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Mindi Johnson answered
Actually, no.  But it does make the shedding more controlled.  As you are brushing your dog it pulls out a lot of the loose hair and less will be spread all over your house since there is less loose hair after the brushing.  I used to own a samoyed and he shed worse than a husky does, but if I'd give him a good brushing he wouldn't shed too much around the house unless he got his fur caught on something.
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KR- myopinions answered
It can help with the hair around the house and getting their loose hair out and preventing matting but doesn't stop the hair loss on the dog itself. A high quality diet and a visit to a good groomer (very different than a home job when done right) can also help a lot. There are more details and links for you in the first link and second link is the breed parent club for you to find out more information on the Siberian Husky.

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