How do I Potty train my ferret?


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If you are looking to potty train your ferret, you may be in for a bit of a disappointment. Most ferrets will only be trained for litter trays, not for using an actual toilet! If you have seen a film where a ferret uses the toilet, the ferret is probably a very talented animal that has been trained by professionals. If you are looking to train your ferret how to use a litter tray, you will need patience.

• Repetition

If you keep following the same steps, your ferret is bound to notice the repetition and learn from it. Start by placing it on the litter tray at random intervals of the day, when you are first setting out. Make sure that you keep the litter tray in the same place so the animal learns to associate the position with going to the toilet. Keep the litter tray relatively clean as, like cats, ferrets like the clean.

You need to start when the animal is young, as it is more likely to get into a routine then. Animals learn better from an early age. If the ferret is still going to the toilet in the wrong places, pick it up when it is doing so and place it on the litter tray.

• Positive reinforcement

When you are training your ferret to use a litter tray, you have to give it rewards when it does the right thing. This could be little ferret treats that you could buy from your local pet store, or praise through petting or attention. If you continue doing this every time your ferret does the right thing, he will associate using the litter tray with good things, meaning that he will be more likely to use it in the future without being encouraged to.

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