Can I Feed My Betta This?


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No, you should not feed the Betta anything other than Betta food. If you bought the Betta at a big chain pet store (like petco or petsmart) they keep the fish in the small plastic tubs that you bought it in for several days, or even weeks without feeding them. The water they are in have some nutrients, but not a whole lot. So needless to say, your little guy is used to going without food. Try to get Betta food as soon as possible though. I recommend a food that doubles as a food and as a color enhancer. Good luck with your new finned friend.
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If you bought it from a pet store (like Pet and Petsmart) the Betta's are just left in the small containers that you purchased it in (sometimes for weeks) so they are used to going without food. Don't feed it until Monday, it shouldn't be a problem at all. Also, as horrible as this sounds, these places have a warranty on the fish (usually 7-14 days) if it does die, you won't be too attached to it yet and you can get another one and get food at the same time.
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You can feed your Betta adult and baby brine shrimp(sea monkeys are brine shrimp, so you can breed them for a regular supply; don't feed them brine shrimp everyday because they will get tired of the food). You can also feed them blood worms(mosquito larvae). Also make sure you have an ornament in the tank that the fish can rest on when they take in air from the surface. Hope this helped!!!
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A good rule to follow with fish, is that, if you aren't sure, then don't, I have had many fish die because I wasn't sure, so just stick with a normal diet! :)
I hope this helped!

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