My Betta Fish Has A Small Sack Like Thing Hanging Off Its Stomach.... Is It In Labor?


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No, it is more likely that she is constipated and what you can see is feces. The majority of fish are egg layers rather than live bearers, and in both cases they will find somewhere in the tank that is secluded and hidden like beneath an ornament or under a plant to either lay their eggs or to give birth.

• Fish constipation
Aquarium fish that are fed on a flake or pellet based diet are prone to constipation, which, if left untreated can lead to a number of serious health problems and even death.

Constipation is made apparent by bloating and stringy feces; normally, feces falls immediately to the bottom of the tank.

• Causes of fish constipation
Constipation is caused by there not being enough fiber in the diet. Typical commercial fish food contains very little (if any) fiber. Constipation can also be caused by fish not getting enough exercise; this can happen if there is not enough room in the tank.

• Correct diet for fish
In the wild, fish, whether they are herbivorous or omnivorous, eat plants and other organic matter, which contains fiber. All fish should be fed a varied diet that contains green, fresh, live or frozen food depending what type of fish they are. Carnivorous fish need to be given whole prey animals so that the indigestible skeletons and guts will act as fiber.

• Treatment of constipation in fish
Constipation should be treated with high fiber food that will act like a laxative. Tinned peas are ideal for this; they can be given whole for fish the size of goldfish or bigger, or squashed for smaller fish. You can also provide your fish with a source of green food by adding live plants to the tank. Uneaten peas should be removed from the tank before they rot.
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How long ago was she in heat? And are you sure that is coming out of the anus? She could be have puppies if it is coming out of the are pregnant for 62-65 days.if it coming out of the anus you need to get her to a vet.
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No its maybe that your feeding it too much food your only supposed to feed it 3 pellets a day.
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How long ago was your dog in season? You need to call your vet one way or the other that could be a rectal prolapse (any diarrhea or constipation lately or anything) if from one place or a uterine prolapse if from the other or it may even be a polyp and you would have to see the vet right away (insides hanging out are very bad). Call your vet right now.

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