Is There A Safe Way To Get Rid Of Fleas? I Have Children! Safe For Environment Too!


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You can use food grade diatomatious earth - its a powder that you can get at your local health food store can sprinkle in on carpets and pets and in your yard -- it basically dehydrates the fleas and may need to re apply it after rain...DO NOT GET SWIMMING POOL GRADE !!! That isn't safe -- be sure to get FOOD GRADE !!!! Also it can be drying to skin....
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You can get this stuff at wal-mart and it is called fogger, and its requires to be out of the house for 4 hours and you set it off and it kills fleas, bugs and watever else insect you have in the house. One bottl ecovers I think 20 ft. You would have to look on the bottle for more info.
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House has fleas how do I get rid of them with children in house
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I would call pest control and have your hose sprayed.  Then I would also call the doctor (pediatrician) and see what he/she suggests if your kids have been in contact with them so they can be treated if they need to be.  Make sure if you do this that the pest control knows you have kids.  Also, keep animals outside the house in the future.  I know cockroaches can cause Asthma I don't know if fleas can do anything.  I know if you get cockroaches you can't get rid of them when they get into furniture the only way is to get rid of the furniture and start over with new furniture.  So I would definitely get things checked into as soon as possible.  Good luck and take care.

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