My Dog Is 5 Weeks Pregnant And She Has Stop Eating. She Drinks Frequently But Then Throws Up And The Only Thing Coming Out Is Water. What Can I Do To Make Her Eat? Or What Can I Do For Her Nausea?


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My dog just had three babies of which 2 died, so she now has one. What I do is allow her to drink as much water as she can, it helps produce more milk, she knows what her body needs. If she throws up some water so what she is getting most of the water, she might b having a big litter and she nows her body needs more milk and water will help. 2 weeks before she gives birth you should go to the pet store and get dry milk formula, mix as per instructions and this will also help produce needed milk.
Feeding problems. Get can dog food, like  I did, many different flavor's treat her give her different flavors, mix it with her dry dog food, mix it with your hands make sure you get it on the dry dog food so she has to eat the dry food as well, she will eat and she will love it.

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My dog is around four weeks pregnant and is showing all the right signs except for drinking and weeing a lot is she realy pregnant?
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Have you seen the vet yet for your confirmation? You should have her checked out in case she has an infection and may not even be pregnant if you haven't confirmed yet (blood test or ultrasound). A loss of appetite can happen with some dogs earlier in but what you are describing would not be seen as normal and there may be something very wrong. Being unable to hold anything down and particularly even water is not good. Vomiting, seeming pregnant(maybe a little bigger belly), drinking a lot of water, is she urinating more frequently too? That can all point to uterine infection which can be deadly and may often be mistaken for pregnancy due to timing and symptoms until things become critical and can be deadly. You might want to see if they can fit you in today and best not to take any chances. Hope she's okay and feeling better soon.

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