My Cat's Back Legs Are Very Weak, She Seems Disoriented And she has got irritable bowls and her teeth are falling out She has been to the vets but the only thing they can do is put her down, what should i do?


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She  probably  is  very  sick  and  suffering , Unfortuantely  maybe  thats  the only choice to put her  down,  My cat  last  October  died at home , She  couldnt  eat  and her teeth was falling out she  was  like very old  so  she  passed away  at home , You  could  bottle feed her  until  she passes  away  at home , I am sure  there  is  nothing more the vet  can do
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Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for your pet is to let it not be in pain or suffer anymore, and have it put down. Think of the quality of her life right now, Can she go to the box or outside without feeling pain? Can she eat well? Does she do any of the activities she used to do? Does she recognize her loved ones? Is she just going to get worse?
I'm really sad to hear of her poor health and wish you the best of luck.

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