My blue nose pit keeps shaking and scratching his ears, how do i know if it's mites?


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Eleanor jones answered
You should really with respect take him to see your vet. Who will be able to give you an answer to this distressing ear problem. You owe it to your dog to do this. It is a very important part of good ownership.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Make a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water and flush his ears out. You may want to use a Q tip to help clean them and thsi should let you know or call your Vet for other ideas
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Nkki Pond answered
First of all is his/ her ear pink on the inside? If not then you shouldn't be that concerned but I would still recomand taking him to the vet. Smell his ear. If it smells like an unpleasant sort of sweet smell and if his ear has black spots that isn't in the skin I would gently clean that out with a q tip and get him to a vet to check. I've had experience with ear mites and ear infections with my greyhound and he is good now. I hope your pit is alright.
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John answered
Take it to a vet to make sure the animal is not having a ear ache/

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