Can A Shih Tzu Breed A Lab?


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This is proof that a shih tzu and a lab can breed:

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This is my boy Cooper. Mother was shih tzu and black lab father. He has the personality and looks of a lab but smaller size due to the shih tzu in him. He is just over a year old and about 25lbs. Extremely happy, healthy and just a GREAT little companion. Couldn't ask for a better boy :)
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I adopted a lab/shih tzu mix and he is amazing. All the fun of a lab with a little bit less size. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

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Sure they can breed, but why would you want too? I'm also going to say that it doesn't matter which one is the female and which one's the male. We already have an over population of dogs that are sitting in shelters waiting for homes. The best thing to do would be to have them spayed and neutered. It's a win, win for all involved...

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NEVER should you do something like this. Mixed breed dogs are great but you have to do your homework and be sure the mixed breeds you are breeding are compatible. You are endangering the very things you love by doing this...Your pets. Breeding should not be your science experiment!!! It takes years of reading and learning to become a good reputable breeder, people doing mixed breeds such as Shih-Tzu and Labs are not people that love their animals.

I am not trying to start a war, don't take it as such, I am just a dog lover and respect each breed as it should be. Small dogs are that small dogs , large breed dogs are just that large dogs why mix them????
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You don't seem very knowledgeable on the subject. But I do think the dogs would be better off spayed and neutered. Because of all the dogs in shelters
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We have a six  month old shitzu lab mix too! Her mother was a shitzu and her dad was a lab. I think she is quite possibly the best dog we have ever owned! She's small but has all the nature of a lab! It was an accidental breeding and not all that safe but I am very happy I got my peachy girl.



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Male Shih Tzu over female Labrador likely. But female Shih Tzu with male Labrador not a very good idea at all. For a dog that small to be pregnant with pups from a father that big could mean that the litter will have to be aborted or it may end up killing the Shih Tzu.
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We had adopted a Lhasa Lab mix years ago because the mother died during the delivery and the pups were saved via "C" section. The dog had Labrador sized bones to fit into more Lhasa Apso sized joints.. Dog was in horrible pain through most of her life..Don't try it..

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