Shih Tzu/cavalier King Charles Spaniel - How Big At Full Growth?


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Hello, I'm was just surfing the web and came across your question. I have a Cavatzu, his name is Charlie, I got him when he was about 4 months old, he is now going on 3 years old. Charlie is carmel in color. I just measured him, he wouldn't stand (he didn't like the measuring tape) so from a sitting position, front paw to the top of his head, he measures 17", and I would say he weights about 18lbs. He is a great size, you can carry him, but not for too long, he starts to get heavy, but not so small that if he gets under my feet and I step on him, I won't hurt him. When I got Charlie, I didn't even know what a Cavatzu was, I was looking to adopt from an animal shelter, but all the dogs were big. All I can say is that Charlie is a wonderful dog, he is smart and very loving. His temperament is very gentle and sweet. He loves children and other dogs. He loves to exercise, running as well as swimming and needs exercise everyday or he'll drive me crazy with all of his energy. Also he is very vocal, if he wants something or is not happy, he'll let me know. All I can say is if Charlie's characteristics are from the mixing of these two breeds, then I will always own a Cavatzu.

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