Can Rabbit And Dogs Be Kept Together? Shih Tzu And Holland Lop?


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Absolutely, We have 8 rabbits that have free run of our front yard and we have 4 dogs that also go in and out into the front yard as they wish. One is a ShihTzu, one is a Pug, one is a Queensland heel er, and one is a border collie. At first we had to correct them when they wanted to chase but it has been well over a year now and they all seem to get along well. Our ShihTzu actually plays with our oldest rabbit who is a lop mix. They chase each other and the dog jumps on the rabbit and then he jumps on the dog. It is a lot of fun to watch, and trust me a rabbit can hold his own pretty much with a dog close to his size. They have teeth and claws to defend themselves and are more than willing to use them. In addition to rabbits we have indoor outdoor cats who when kittens would play with the rabbits but now just kind of ignore them. We also have two ferrets that play with the ShihTzu and Pug, it is hilarious. However the bigger dogs are afraid of them. It just goes to show that most animals can get along well together as long as you are willing to take the time to correct them and let them know what is tolerated. Good Luck.


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