I Gave My Puppy A Parvo Shot And Her Eyes Swelled Up.....what's The Deal?


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Only swelling in eyes is not caused be parvovirus vaccine. It can be facial swelling caused by this vaccine. Following is list of some factors that can cause eye swelling in dogs.

   1. Insect bite
   2. Conjunctivitis due to virus or bacteria
   3. Foreign bodies like splinters or grass in the eyes
   4. Parasites of eyelids
   5. Tear duct disease
   6. Problems with tear production
   7. Corneal diseases

Vaccinations in dogs can have following side effects which don't include eye swelling.

   1. Facial swelling
   2. Pain and inflammation at injection site
   3. Anaphylactioid reactions
   4. Vomiting
   5. Diarrhea
   6. Fever
   7. Abdominal tenderness
   8. Stiffness
   9. Neurological disorders

So, you should take your dog to vet and discuss hi problem for treatment.

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