My 1 year old puppy, has a gray spot on the corner of her eye what can I do?


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Well, has this spot always been there .  If not, time to take your dog to a vet . 
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Barry Durocher
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No, it started to look swollen a week ago and half ago, after playing with my other 3 dogs, and I just notice the gray 2 days ago
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Your pup's eye may have been scratched or punctured during play. What eye drops did you use and were they for a similar injury previously (and not expired)?  You need to see the vet and be sure to let your vet know what you've been putting in her eye.
Hopefully the injury hasn't become infected yet but is a concern if the eye is swollen in addition to the spot and it's been over a week. When an infection begins to build inside or behind the eye it may need to be removed before it pops out or pretty much explodes.
Has the spot been spreading at all? If there is a non-healing ulcer it sometimes needs a little extra help from the vet to begin healing properly. Hope your baby is feeling better soon. .
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Barry Durocher
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It was eye drops from the pet store for dry irritated eyes, they said it might help, and the spot doesn't change in size, it's about a 1/4" in diameter
KR- myopinions
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How is your baby girl doing? Hope you were able to still just try meds and she's feeling better.
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Take her to the vet. Everytime you see her scratching smack her, and say "No." Put a cone on her so mabey if she doesn't scratch it for a while she will stop scratching 4 good

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