My Dog Has A Noticeable Swelling Under One Eye. I Just Noticed It Today. I Gave Her A Rimadyl 1 Hour Ago But I See From Other Postings Here That Benadryl Is Probably The Right Medication To Give. Is It Bad If I Give Her A Benadryl Now?


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I am not sure what Rimadyl is, but I guess it it a form of a antihistamine. Benadryl would have been better, but don't give it to her now. She might have gotten bit by an insect or she is allergic to something. Next time try to give her Benadryl.
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Hi, thanks. Rimadyl is a form of antiinflammatory. I will wait until the morning and give the benadryl. I think it is some sort of allergic reaction or maybe from an ant bite, thanks again. She is fine otherwise.

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