My Dog Ate A Bone. Will It Pass? She Keeps Acting Like Her Tail Hurts


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My dog was given a baby back ribs practically swallowed it, she tries to go #2 but clearly has is constipated she struggled with approx 1/2 inch poop. She is very regular on her schedule. Will the bone come out?
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If your pup is unable to eliminate you should see your vet especially as you are aware of a possible cause. That bone could be causing some serious damage or blockage. I hope your baby is okay and feeling better soon.
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Turkey bones can tear stomach or intestine of dogs. These bones can take 30 hours to pass. You should watch your dog carefully and take him to vet if vomiting, constipation, lethargy, abdominal pain takes place.
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If the dog is constipated, giving a little tinned pumpkin or olive oil  can sometimes help  ..  Followed by a change of diet.
The question didnt state you couldnt afford a vet, but I see that you mentioned it in a comment to the previous answer. If your dog does have a blockage (rather than simple constipation), it can cause serious damage. So try phoning around vets and see if any of them will allow you to pay off a consultation over time. You may be lucky enough to find one that does. Alternatively, occasionally an Animal Welfare group will assist with vet costs, which can later be paid back.
Good luck...
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Please do not listen to any of this horrible, horrible, ignorant advice. Do not give your dog salt water. Do not assume your dog is fine if he is not choking. Do not believe that eating bones is totally fine for dogs and there is no need for concern if he ate one and it didn't pass. Call. Your. Vet. If you can't afford a vet, call around for ones that will work out a payment plan for you or ask if there are any low-cost clinics in your area. If even that is out of reach for you, give your dog to someone who can afford to care for it. Jesus, people.

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Dogs eat bones, shes grand id say it's not the bone! Maybe there's something wrong with her tail or even backside? If it keeps up then bring it to the vet :)
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No, no, no, no, no! Do not make dog vomit after eating bones. It may cause the bone to tear at dogs stomach or something. Or choke. That's all I know for sure
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I can not say for sure what problems your dog is facing but I can tell you that several years ago that my Son's dog ate a bird bone and it splintered and stuck a hole in his intestine.  Surgery was required to save the dog's life.  When in doubt, consult your vet.  
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My dog has the exact same problem. He is running around yelping. I just had a friend call and ask if he ate a bone and said he knew of someone's dog that did. Unfortunately he can't remember what to do for it to pass.
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If your dog swallows a bone you should give it 8oz of warm salt water to make the dog throw up because the bone will not pass, it can't be digested. If your dog wont drink the salt water give it 2 tsp of Vaseline. If the bone doesnt pass than the dog will have to have major surgery or it could cause death

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