My Dog Keeps Itching Himself Till He Bleeds And Gets All Red And Puffy. What Could Be Causing Him To Itch So Bad. He Has Certain Food We Give Him And Bathe Him Regualrly And He Has No Fleas Or Ticks?


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I used to work at a vet hospital, I have seen that many times.  It's an allergy of the skin that may come and go depending on the seasons and weather changes.  Bathing your dog may actually cause more dryness and irritation.  I suggest bathing him less as possible.  Hope that helps! Good luck!
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Is there anything i can do to help it
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I Know It's hard but the only thing is for the dog is to wear a cone around his neck just for a little bit. If he keeps doing it, it will only cost you more because of a horrible infection.

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