Dog Has Cyst On Bottom Of His Foot Pad. It Started Small, Has Grown, Bleeds Sometimes.Is It Ok To Give Him Ibuprofen, Could It Be An Infection That Would Cause Him To Throw Up And Pee When He Barks. What Should I Do?


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The cyst or lump which you are mentioning can be an injury or some bite which has been developed infection. The nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs like panadol and ibuprofen are not used in dogs. Due to infection your dog is weak. It will be better to visit a Vit for the diagnosis and treatment of the infection.
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Would the ibuprofen be what made him throw up and pee? That stinks. I won't give him any more. Thanks for the info.
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Oh don't  give him ibuprofen you can give him asprin without hurting your dog.and I would go to the vet to get antibiotics

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