Does Bleach Kill Fleas, Ticks, And Red Bugs In The Yard?


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Yes, bleach will kill the majority of the fleas, ticks and red bugs that you have in your garden but this will only keep them away temporarily so they will be back. If you want to keep them away for good, you will have to resort to more permanent measures. Use pesticide or lime against fleas, ticks and red bugs for the best results.

In order to keep ticks away from your garden for good, the first thing you need to do is to give your lawn a good mowing. Ticks need grass that is higher than three inches to survive because short grass keeps the humidity low whereas ticks need high levels of humidity to survive. This method is also good for keeping fleas at bay. Secondly, remove all debris from your yard. This includes picking all weeds and raking up any dead leaves, as ticks love to hide in these places. Next you need to take down any bird feeders or bird baths that you may have in your garden. Birds may be carrying ticks and can drop them right down into your garden.

For fleas, the source of the problem may be your pet, if you own one. Firstly you will need to treat your pet with a topical flea medicine, your vet should be able to recommend a good one. Then you need to treat the inside of your home with any brand of flea spray that contains the active ingredient pyrethrum which is non toxic. After you have done this, thoroughly vacuum your house and when you are done make sure that you tie up the bag quickly and securely and throw it away immediately. The best garden flea spray out there is diatomaceous earth which is made from the crushed fossils of aquatic organisms. The sharp edges cause the death of fleas and any eggs they have laid so make sure you sprinkle diatomaceous earth on your lawn every two months or so.
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No, but raid bug killer will.
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