What Could Cause My Dog To Shiver And Be Lethargic? He Cries When I Pick Him Up.


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It may take some time to get to know you. If you have had this dog for a long time I would take it to the Vet because the cry sounds like maybe it's in pain and that could be why the dog is hiding maybe the dog is in pain and just wants to be left alone.

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It sounds like your dog is in pain.  I would have your dog examined by a veterinarian to determine the location of this discomfort.  It may be secondary to trauma, neurological conditions--like intervertebral disc disease, or may be located in the abdominal cavity.  Dogs with abdominal pain often cry when picked up.
If you are unable to take the dog to a veterinary clinic tonight keep him in a confined space with lots of blankets/padding, and if he is still abnormal tomorrow have him seen by your veterinarian first thing.

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Michelle Seguin
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I took him to the vet and he thinks it may be seizures, but from what I have read, it doesn't sound like it to me. They want to start him on Phenobarbital, and I just don't think it is seizures from what I have read online.
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I think it might do you good to listen to her, as she is a vet, and she didn't say that she thought it was seizures, but something to do with the discs and disease there. Please listen.
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As long as you have not been violent to your dog. Because then they see you as the human thats going to eat me.

They need to trust you. And it may take time. You need Clam assertive Energy. Like TV Oprah.

Or like the others are saying, The dog may be in pain. So seeing your VET will answer your questions.

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Physical examination, medical history and radiological investigation are needed to know the proper cause of pain in your dog because it can be injury, wound, abscess, etc. So, take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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You have to see a vet, you have to knwo what is wrong before you can have an idea of what you can do and those signs require a vet usually.
If finances are a concern and why you are wanting to do something from home you can also look into low cost clinics, maybe attached to your local shelter or aspca or just call around. An exam is inexpensive and you can take it one step at a time and discuss options and finances as you go, but your baby needs a doctor.
Until you get in you should restrict activity (like kennel rest to avoid making things worse) and definitely nothing like stairs or furniture should be allowed. I hope your baby is feeling better very soon.
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Something is causing your dog pain. It could be a number of things. You really need to take your dog to the vet as soon as you possibly can, (the sooner the better) and find out what the problem is. A vet is the only one who can find out what's wrong and hopefully be able to treat it. I hope it's nothing serious and your dog is feeling better really soon!
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Both shaking and hiding in dogs can be due to nervous conditions. So, it is possible that your dog might be nervous. Other conditions that can cause shaking in dogs are
  1. Exposure to cold
  2. Swimming
  3. Skin parasites
  4. Pain
So, ideally, you should take your dog to vet for accurate diagnosis after giving complete medical history and then get proper treatment.
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You might also want to try a warm watter bottle in a towel no matter how old the dog is it might be missing its mom or even if it isn't then it might be corners by it. My dog shakes from the butt to his head as he hides in corners and I worry about when he sleeps and the warm can help the pain like a humans or can comport the dog I have a cocker spaniel and springer's and cocker spaniels are in a similar family group it might help but I agree you should go to a vet my dog has a lot of health concerns and I'm sure this is another one try warm watter bottles less change in your enviorment, heat blankets, heat lamps, and distractions keep his mind off whatever it is
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This might be because it isn't familiar with your sent or needs to be closer to you by playing with it
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Has he had any problems before? If so maybe that's it. Try taking him to the vet. He could be just sick.
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You know your dog better then any one you sound like me vet are human and it don't sound like seizures i had a dog that chew on his pin and it had cut his inside he walk one sided because it would hurt so go with your filling it cant hurt

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