How Good Is A Dogs Hearing?


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Scientifically speaking, dogs can hear much higher pitches than human beings can. This is because their ears are able to pick up much higher frequencies. The frequency range for a dog is approximately 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz whereas that of a human being is only 20 Hz to 20,000Hz. An application for this ability to hear high pitches in the 'silent dog whistle'.

When this whistle is blown, the dog can hear it but other human beings will not be able to hear it. Again this range of course varies with age of the dog as also breed of dog. Like humans beings, dogs can start to loose their hearing as they become older and in some cases it is natural for dogs to go completely deaf in their old age.

Another reason for the superior hearing is the shape of the ears in case of dogs and the ability to move them and adjust them to maximize sound reception. They have muscles to tilt, raise and rotate a dog's ears for collection of sound waves. We may cup our ears to hear better but for dogs, the shape does it. The shape helps them collect sound waves more effectively than a human ear. As with every gift there is an associated curse. Although dogs can hear much better than human beings, loud sounds such as from a firecracker can really be painful and scary for the dog.

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