Do Dogs With Good Hearing Generally Have Bad Eyesight Or Sense Of Smell?


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There is no such rule of thumb as to dogs with good hearing would have bad eyesight or sense of smell. An example of a breed of dog that has good eyesight, sense of smell, as well as good hearing is Greyhounds. Man, over the years, has learnt to use dogs with specialized senses for different purposes.

However, having said that there are dogs breeds who have exceptionally good eyesight. These are called "sight hounds". These are dogs which hunt animals by sight - and they can be recognized from their relatively close set eyes at the front of their heads. Examples of such dogs are greyhounds, afghans, whippets, deerhounds, and wolfhounds. These breeds also have long legs and streamlined bodies for faster speeds while running and catching prey. Sight hounds were bred and raised to help the hunters with their excellent eyesight. Instead of finding prey by scent, these lean hunters spot their prey from a great distance. Some other breeds well known keen eyesight are Tibetan Terriers and borzois.

Some breeds such as Dutch shepherd have very well developed sense of smell. This breed is used by the European police as a sniffer dog. Scientists have also created breeds by crossing jackals and dogs. This breed has an excellent sense of smell and is used as sniffer dogs to sniff out narcotics and drugs.
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All dogs should have a good sence of smell but they don't have a good eye sight cause all they see is black and white.

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