My Dog Has Started To Smell, Could He Have Something Wrong With Him?


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Frances Berdy answered
Could be he just needs a good bath??? Dogs smell if they get wet (from the rain) and get that 'wet-doggy smell'.
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Rajesh Shri answered
Dogs are not as meticulous as cats in grooming themselves and hence they tend to smell more than cats. Moreover dogs have a tendency to roll on smelly items and get the stench on them. If you have recently moved or made a change in the household, watch out to see if there is a specific spot that he is rolling on and whether this is giving him the smell.

Dogs also tend to snack on items that are not hygienic such as excretions of other animals and this could be another cause of smell. You must watch out to see that your dog has not started doing this off late. Lastly, when you have ruled out all of the above, it is time to take a look at his health. If your dog did not smell as bad before and has recently started smelling, it is advisable to check on his health. Probably his gums, ears, skin etc. should be checked by a veterinarian to rule out any infections or abscesses.

Dogs may also suffer from anal gland disease which could be the cause of the smell resulting in the animal having problems with defecation and a visit to the veterinarian would be in order. Dogs generally tend to smell 2-3 weeks after you shampoo them and hence it is advisable to shampoo them once in a month to keep away bad smell. Use some mild dog shampoo to do this.

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