My Dog Has Started Drooling Constantly. This Is Uncommon For Him, So I Am Wondering If He Has Something Going On With His Stomach. Can You Help?


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Excessive drooling can cause dehydration in your dog - which can then cause further problems. Saliva is necessary to provide enzymes to help swallow and digest food, but too much of it could be the sign of a problem with your pet.

My dog is drooling constantly - what could be causing this?
  • Trauma: Your dog could have suffered an injury to the mouth or throat area. Check the inside of your its mouth for any foreign objects, such as splinters, and for any signs of a cut or gash. If there is an object in there, then it would be best to get your vet to remove it.
  • Infection: Sometimes excessive drooling can also be caused by infection, which can be bacterial, fungal or parasitic. A vet will be able to start your pet on a course of antibiotics in order to treat the problem.
  • Growths: Cysts or other forms of growths inside your dog's mouth may also cause these symptoms. Again, it would be best for the vet to take at look at this problem.
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Is he eating? I have a Golden Retriever that had this problem.

He couldn't eat or drink very well. He had what is called drop jaw, and was unable to close his mouth.

It lasted about 4 weeks and I actually had to feed him with a spoon, placing the food on the back of his tongue. We gave him water with a turkey baster.

After about a week, he was able to drink and eat on his own, (but really messy).
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Take him to the vet's if you're not sure, but many Rottweilers drool, so don't worry too much.

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