My Weiner Dogs Nipples Have Milk Coming Out Of Them Does This Mean She Is Pregnant?


2 Answers

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Nina Elise answered
Yes and make it easier,if your dog has been wit a male dog then probaly yes if not,no
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KR- myopinions answered
There isn't any way for us to know that. Could she be? When was her last season and did you watch her at all times and do you know if she was around any intact males 4 months or older or if she tied or anything? If she is then you are likely to have pups soon. Otherwise it could also be hormones or false pregnancy. You would want to head into the vet to be sure so you can be prepared and know what is going on. Dachshunds can need c-section fairly often and you never want to be surprised with labor. There is a lot more breeding and whelping links and information in the first link and second link is your breed parent club. Good Luck.

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