How Do Skunk Get In The Yard? Do They Climb Or Go Though Hole?


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Ronnie Maye answered
Skunks are a member of the cat family. They can climb over and under fences and fit through the tiniest hole. It is impossible almost to keep them out of your yard.
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John Nawrocki answered
I don't know if you saw the John Travolta movie Phenomenon. He was baffled at how a rabbit could mysteriously and repeatedly get into his fenced in garden and eat his vegetables. It was only after everyone thought he had a close encounter that he became super-smart and figured out that the rabbit lived inside the fence and never left. Just hid in his hole. Turned out that it was not a close encounter, just a brain tumor. Oh I have a family of skunks in my backyard they have been there for a very long time.

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