Approximately When Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Go Into "Heat" After They Have Their First Litter Of Puppies?


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Most dogs come in heat every 6-8 months. If she had a litter all ready you should skip at least one heat to make sure thier bodies both inside and out are ready. Most reputable breeders will skip 1to2 heats before they breed again.
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Female dogs will go into heat twice a year, after every 6 months for 3 weeks at a time. Giving birth is, however, a tough process on a dog, and she will be weak, especially since she will have been feeding a pups as well.
If you are looking to breed show quality dogs, you should make sure your dogs are both in good health before you breed them again. This will include taking them to a vet, getting all their joints checked for any problems and making sure they are updated on their shots.
If you are not breeding show quality dogs, then you may allow your dogs to breed the next time your female dog comes into heat but ensure that you feed her a high protein diet and take her to a vet.

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