Why is my 6 month old chihuahua barking at people and somtimes getting aggressive when people she doesn't know come into our house? How can we stop this?


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Being protective. Dogs are very terrirtory(sorry if I spelled it wrong)Sometimes dogs are scared or nervous they bark, or bite.Try introducing her to them. Find her weakness. For example, my dog, Mylee(beagle)loves food/treats/bones and if you give her food..she will love you forever. Find your dog's weakness...bones, treats, toys, favorite______(whatever), stuff like that.
Hoped I helped!
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Gently scold her and introduce her the the people verry slowly so she sees they wont hert her but don't forse her on to them that will make her mor scared
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It's not exactly uncommon with Chihuahua's. Even sometimes with other family members over their person and things. A good start would be to take a good group training course (an example in the second link). It will help form the right relationship, give a basis for any training you need to do and start to help with socialization. Once you get that started then your trainer can probably give you some tips on trying to work on that at home a bit more yourself before you need to take further steps. The first link is the US breed parent club.
http://www.chihuahuaclubofamerica.com/ http://dogtraininglasvegas.com/methods.html

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