My Dog Doesn't Like My Boyfriend, What Do I Do?


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Dogs can develop antisocial “jealous” behaviours around new people.  Try to make your dog associate your boyfriend with positive experiences.  Pay extra attention to your dog when your boyfriend is around.  You can use play, exercise, pats and treats.  Include your boyfriend and get him to feed her treats and show her physical affection.  If she exhibits any aggressive behaviours or barking you should immediately withdraw all attention.  
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Take another look at your boyfriend, maybe your dog sees something that you are missing.  Also Find out if he is being mean to your dog when you are out of sight.  This happened to my dog and I wished that I had read more into it, because my dog died at the hands of my boyfriend.
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Hey,Since you love both of them you may have to put your dog outside when your boy friend is a round because she may bite him since she don't like him.and when your boy friend isn't there spend with your dog until she see that you enjoyed being with him.then your dog could be jealous because she is use to all the attention.japeace
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Dogs are usually a good judge of character, and she is just being protective. She needs training and a lesson on who is boss in the house.
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My dog use to be like this and then I asked my boyfriend to buy me dog a small toy.  After he introduced a new toy of my dog they became best friends ... And now they are inseparable~!

However it took a lot of time and patience on my part to introduce my dog to my boyfriend it was a gradual process, both boyfriend and dog were jealous of one another!

I would often encourage my boyfriend to play with my dog and give my boyfriend a special smile as my appreciation.  Now when I get home I often find them cuddled up on the soft together and ever now and again I catch my my big tough no nonsense boyfriend doggy talk to our pet! I LOVE IT!

Good luck!

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